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call 1-877-662-7726. for free transcripts or to give us your comments about this program visit us at q& the programs are also available as c-span podcasts. >> next to british prime minister david cameron takes questions from members of the house of commons. after that leon panetta on the fight against al qaeda and the impact of sequestration, and another chance to see q&a." tomorrow on "washington journal," matt lewis looks up the future of the republican
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party. congress debates the so-called fiscal cliff, and the wall street journal correspondent discusses the options concerning a shortfall in the administration budget. british prime minister david cameron and ed miliband who agreed international pressure must be put on israel and hamas to end the violence in the region and work to a two-state solution. the remark came during a session of the house of commons. also discussion of recent elections for local police commissioners. this constituency and
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elsewhere. >> questions for the prime minister first from hunt. >> thank you, mr. speaker. before listing my engagements the house will wish to join me in sending our sympathies and condolences to the family of captain walter berry of first battalion at the royal richmond of scotland. he was described as a fantastic, engaging and professional soldier. he will be truly missed byll who knew him. our nation must never forget his service and sacrifice. this morning i had meetings with many and in addition to my duties in the house, first from hunt. >> kenna join the prime minister in paying tribute to captain barry and dollar soldiers working in afghanistan. libraries are closing, teachers are being laid off and youth clubs are shutting their doors. given that public funds are so
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precious does the prime minister really think it was a good use of taxpayers' money to waste 1 hundred million pounds on a crime commtee election? >> right across the country we're going to have local foreign order champions who will stand up and make sure we get a good deal from the police. i have noticed there are two criticisms of the police and crime commissioners. on the one hand they said this en too much money and on the other hand they said we did on spending of promoting it. i can have one criticism or the other but not both? >> the british government borrowed money at record low levels saying taxpayers billions of pounds. >> my friend makes a good point. because we have an incredible plan to get on top of debt and
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deficit, to show how we will pay our way in the world we have record low interest rates. low interest rates described by the shatter chancellor as a key test of economic credibility. >> ed miller band? >> can i start by joining the prime minister in paying tribute to walter berry of first battalion richmond of scotland. he should yet most courage and bravery and all our thoughts and condolences are for his family and fries. can also express my deep or about loss of life in israel and gaza in recent days including the latest polling terrorist attack on a bus in tel aviv. there's widespread support on all sides of the house for an immediate and durable cease-fire ing agreed in israel and gaza. will the prime minister set out in his view their main barriers tohe cease-fire agreement now being reached? >> i agree with right hon.
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gentleman about the appalling news this morning about the terrorist attack on a bus in tel leave and also express our deep concern at the intolerable situation in southern israel and the grave loss of life in gaza. yes specifically what we can do to bring this cease-fire back. all of across the european union including also america and beyond need to be putting pressure on the israeli prime minister and all those with contact with hamas to d escalate, stop the fighting, stop the bombing and that is what i have done. over the weekend i spoke twice to the israeli prime minister, wants to the president of israel. my friend the foreign secretary is working on this as well to be -- persuade both sides the need a ceasefire and beyond that we need proper discussion about the future of israel and palestine. i agree with the prime minister. he is right to say any
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cease-fire deal can only be turned into a permanent peace if there are meaningful resumption of negotiations. this week have shown once again there is neither peace nor a peace process. the reality is t international community dumped their responsibility for the abject failure of having meaningful negotiations nine years on from the promise of a road map to peace. what was set out to the past -- beyond the hopes for a cease-fire need to be taken to pressure both sides into meaningful negotiations. >> first of all let me agree that we do need a process to be put in place and we need to do everything we can to persuade president obama this should be leading priority for his second presidential term but i would make this point that of course we all want this process and we all want this peace in the end piece connell come about by
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israelis and palestinians sitting down and talking through the final issues. they have to discuss jerusalem, refugees, in this end as president obama is fond of saying and i would agree, we cannot want this more than they wanted. we have to provide the framework, which for process but in the end we need courageous leadership from israelis and palestinians to talk to the final issues. >> that is complete the right but we have every means at our disposal to pressure those into those negotiations because the reality is there can be a two face solution dwindling month by month. now there will be an opportunity for the two state solution at the general assembly later this month, recognizing the palestinian authority. we on this side have supported this because it will strengthen moderate voices among the palestinians who want to see the politics and not the violence.
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the prime minister should consider adopting this position in the days ahead. >> lete agree on the first part of what he said whi is confidence is dwindling that there's time left for a two state solution and that is why there is a sense ourgency among the international community. this could be the last chance for peace because the effect on the ground are changing. it is summit in israel's interest to push a two state solution to keep up the pressure on the issue of a potential vote that the united nations it is our view and the foreign secretary said this out yesterday in some detail, the palestinians should not take this to the un in the short term and we urged them not to do that. if they do so we will have to consider the right way to vote. in an end point is this. we will not solve this problem that the united nations. this problem will be solved by israelis and palestinians sitting at the negotiating table. there may be dangers from pushing the too early in terms
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of a cutoff of funds for the palestinian auority and oth consequences that could follow so in the end bets get negotiations going rather than discussions at the u.n.. >> if the prime minister wants to send a clear message to scotland and england belong together shouldn't he be doing his best to make sure the principal road from london is not going to come back? >> my friend makes a very attractive bid for the statement and the chancellor is not here but i'm sure other treasury colleagues have been listening closely. >> the prime minister claims universal credit will bring about the most fundamental and radical changes. given the government's propensity for this can he guarantee that the universal
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credit will be interested in april 24th and not delayed? >> universal credit is a good reform and it was welcomed across the house becauset will put in place proper work incentives for people at all levels of income and also highly progressive in channeling money to those who needed the most. the universal credit is on time and on budget and we are going to be having not pilot speech starting shortly. >> robert butler. >> the person responsible for the murder of becky edward whose mother is one of my constituents of not been brought to justice because incriminating evidence was excluded as part of the court process. myight hon. friends join our cause for a review of code c of the police and criminal exercise so terrible situation like this will not happen in the future? >> i will look closely at what my hon. friend has raised in the
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specific case he mentioned and also this issue of police and criminal evidence. is always important that all information that can be put in front of a court is put in front of a court so the court can reach the correct decision. >> police tension and conditions of service, 96% of the police force believe the government doesn't support them. those the prime minister think that is a problem and what will he do about it? >> these are people who go out every day and put their lives on the line to keep the rest of us save. whoever was in government will have to make cuts to police budgets and what is happening in policeing in number of police of gone up and the percentage of police on the frontline has gone
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up and the number of police in battle has gone down, crucially crime went down and satisfaction with the police is up. >> hundreds -- will the prime minister confirm that this government will legislate to insure people access when the leader of the opposition fails. >> i am delighted to tell my hon. friend, we wanted to insure that people got access to the lowest parrot. that is exactly what we have achieved. when they have doubts about this let me quote the laborhout out energy minister, it means the most expensive deals would have to go being able to reduce the number of people to help get a clearer picture of what is happening and that could only be a good thing.
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that is the endorsement that i welcome. >> ed miller band. >> the governor promised there should be no rationing on grounds of cost alone. can the prime minister tell us whether he has kept that promise? >> the promise we have pt is that we would increase spending every year under this government and in britain, in england that is happening, in wales there's a massive cuts run by a neighbor. >> mr. speaker, seral thousand fewer nurses with the public supporting and a very specific question about a promise by the secretary, the leader of the house, promise a year ago he promised a year ago that there will be no rationing. this is what the president of the world college of
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ophthalmologists recently said. he said this. pcs are not falling government guidelines. there restricting access to caract surgery. he got rid of them. can the prime minister tell me why for the first time in six years the number of cataract operations actually fell? what i can tell him is under this government the number of doctors is up, the number of operations is up, waiting lists are down, waiting time down. that is what is happening. he quote primary care trust. there abolishing primary care trust and putting the money into front line services. that is what is happening under this government. they believe, he believes increasing spending is irresponsible. leaving it the right thing to
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do. >> ed miliband. >> once again he has no clue about the details. no idea what is actually happening out there. he did make history this week. he offered a new wording to the oxford english dictionary. romneyshambles. the reason people are suffering on the ground as he wasted billions of pounds on a top-down reorganization of the and h s that nobody wants and nobody voted for just like he wasted millions of pounds on the police commissioner. doesn't listen, he is out of touch and the people spoke for the country. last thursday the people spoke for the whole nation. [shouting] >> happily there is more.
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that the prime minister john prescott said this is not just about the police. this is a referendum on everything this government has done, on health and education, people took the first opportunity to kick him out. and on the subject of making history this week i think the leader of -- the leader of the labor party made history because he told congress he wants -- told radio he wanted to be margaret thatcher, came to this house and said on europe he is more euro skeptic than bill cash. he said he loved europe more than tony blair. he has impersonated all politicians. this time the joke is on him. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my right hon. friend of prime
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minister agrees with me that a free press is one of the cornerstones of a true democracy. any attempt to model newspapers such as the group in my own -- >> my hon. friend makes an important point. i join him in madmiration of the messenger group but all they did -- it is an important point because the problems we had in the newspaper industry have not been about regional and local titles that perform incredibly important functions in our democratic system. i think we all havto wait and study the report carefully and respond to what he said. >> tom harris. >> the first of my constituency,
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tax due on time. revenue of four billion pounds and last year less than 1 million pounds in patents. the government has issued a claim for unpaid taxes, will he allow us toraw the wrong conclusion about whose ideas on? >> the hon. gentleman makes an important point about making sure companies make their contbutions and fair tax payments and our country. we put 900 lbs. specifically into revenue to make sure we do properly get individuals to pay their taxes and yesterday i announced one of the key priorities of the g-8 which i will be sharing, in northern ireland in june of next year. and get proper international agreement paying taxes properly. >> to my right hon. friend, a
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preschool opening next year. one of a most deprived to provide a letter for social mobility for young people. a great tangible assets but what the government is doing in terms of education. >> very kind invition for my hon. friend. and all of the 78 preschools that have been established over the last two years making good progress, established between now and the next election and the last government manage 200 academies in 13 years, we did 2,000 in 2-1/2 years academy and preschool with the agenda the biggest possible bst we can. >> a certain closed question. >> i look forward to visiting scotland soon and i will look carefully whether i can visit the hon. gentleman's
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constituency. >> if you months ago came to m constituency and was going to ve me the opportunity of taking a around, and my apprenticeship a -- a mind, the taliban who was a loan shark, a weak a pound for the workhouse. today -- >> could we have a question? >> you hold one of e great opportunities of a state. so did the prime minister to drive these over the economy. >> made the offer to the hon. gentleman on would happily share
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a platform to defend the united kingdom. the invitation got lost in the post and i make the offer again. and we have seen the report a preliminary report before the full report. that is why the office of fair trading has a new power to suspend the consumer credit license. the report shows many companies are not sticking to the guidelines and that is not acceptable. >> my right hon. friend with the study to make sure milton king is the area for economic growth. >> my hon. friend is a spokesman and welcome to me many crimes and has a successful economy. one of the things we need to
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change is to get the housing market moving again and i am convinced that as part of the recovery. >> many apprenticeds, the youngest only two pounds 60 an hour so the prime minister could take away benefits from young people who simply cannot live -- >> this government supports the growth of the princessships, undethis government on the issue of housing. where there's a problem this needs proper attention. we give some young people the choice today, job-seekers allowance with access to housing benefits. we need to recognize the signals
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we send in many cases signal to young people. >> this should be the greenest government ever? >> yes it is. establish a green iestment bank starting to make lows. >> the prime minister agrees with me, the sportsman at the children's commission did child abuse. the difficult reduced by cero smith -- will the prime minister help these victims by publishing the police files and a short police investigation takes place in to all the allegations into any cover-up.
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>> a serious issue being examined. extremely disturbing findings. we need to give every encouragement to the children and commissioner to make sure the final version of the report, on the specific issue he raises which is a serious allegation about a former member of the house, today confirm they will investigate any allegations of sexual abuse that happened from 1974. i would say to all members of the house particularly what happened over the last few weeks, if anyone has formation, take them to the police. >> mr. speaker, businesses are helping cut the boring deficit by paying tax on their prots but some multinationals appeared to be paying very low amounts,
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like starbucks and anderson. i wonder if the prime minister could tell the house whether he thinks the tax code needs investigating. >> it does need investigating. they're looking as hard as they can at what can be done. there are some things one can do nationally and that is where examining but because we live in a competitive global econy where companies can move capital around and move their headquarters and move money around you need greater inteational agreement. we have an important international agreement with switzerland which is going to recover billions of pounds in tax for our country but we need to work hard and that is where the g-8 can help so we can get a fair share of tax from companies given that britain is doing its part to cover corporation tax to the most competitive in world. >> the prime minister rightly created the wonderful work of
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the london emergency service--could he share with me concerns of the lonn public to see the number that is threatened with closure and in particular my constituency and when he joined the company and agreed that it is not right to choose a fire station to close it simply because it is expensive land. >> this is an issue for the mayor as well as the governor. i look closely at what the hon. lady said. we all have to recognize the most important thing in terms of emergency service is the time it takes them to get to an incident. all of us are naturally focus on the brick and mortar items of whether it is ambulance stations or fire stations or other facilities. how quickly do emergency services get to them and h good is the service when they
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do. >> does my right hon. friend share my disappointment? i know that onchurch be some so establishment, this interest. my right hon. friend's speech with i am very vote makes it yesterday and particularly sad about the archbishop of canterbury because he saw this as a major campaign he wanted to which yvette an end of his excellent tenure of the office. it is important fothe church
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of england to the modern church in touch with society as it is today and this is a key step they need to take. >> brymac mr promised his scheme would provide 2,000 loans. and why hasn't he delivered on his promise. >> the startup loan initiative is a strong one and one to look at more results of interests and there is a major demand for it but the enterprise allowance scheme was originally available after people were unemployed for three months and available from the first time of being unemployed. back to the 1980s many people using that scheme to start up the business. those are the people want to help. >> angela what concern. >> join me in congratulating the
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greatest recovery in my constituency by the queen mary college london and the second year it has become the fastest improving school in the whole country and the governor's academy scheme. >> i join the hon. lady and one of the strength of the academy program is getting forces like the businesses and other organizations to get behind the school and helped change the culture and improved it. that is why last week we set a new target for acadees taking over failing primary schools because we think academies shouldn't be restricted to secondary schools. we want to see sponsored academies taking over primary schools where results are not good enough. i think something everyone can focus on is there are schools in inner-city areas that because of academy sponsors are doing better than schools than suburbs soca

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